What will the world be like in 50 years time?

As wonderful, confusing, exciting and frustrating as it is now... just more so.


They should make the world more green! And more swimming pools! It's good exercise.

Sofia, 12

I think in 50 years we're gonna be alien’s pets.

Jayden, 12

What do you think?
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I'm worried about climate change - I think we need to do more and take action.

Emily, 17

I will be in an office working as a business woman

Milka, 9

I think climate change in London will make Hackney quite a messy place. There's a lot of rubbish.

Mohammad, 13

The future of Hackney is bright and vibrant!


How it is now, but with more pollution. The food, the culture, the dancing, fashion, the friendships that you can make, the carnival.

Mohammad, 13

I want less knife crime, a lot of homeless shelters and a lot of schools for homeless children

Danielle, 14

The world will be peaceful, lush and green, with nature and humanity coexisting happily. We will have learned how to share what we have and will be kinder to each other and the world around us. I will be 99 years old by then and happy to be alive and part of it all!

Matt, 49

Fill Hackney with artists!


Creative borough. Inclusive, I hope.


Hackney will be a colourful place, a happy place. I hope Hackney will still be what Hackney is today.

I think Hackney will be a place for adults.

More tall tower blocks! Make it stop.

Hackney could look like a good place. Hackney could sound like a musical place.


Hovercrafts that people can live on!


Bring back all the old shops in an old shop themed shopping centre!


Hackney could look like a diverse place, Hackney could sound like a busy place. A place for young, a place for old. And together we could make it a colourful place.


Dear Hackney, I hope you're greener. Dear Hackney, I hope you're cleaner. Dear Hackney, I hope you're a place for families.

I hope we are all kinder to each other

Danielle, 14

So an idea is to have a tower, and at the top, there's different positive messages and images. And hopefully, because there's a lot of problems with mental health it will make you feel better.

Alyssa, 13

What does the future of Hackney look like?

It will be very eco friendly

Milka, 9

I want to see more opportunity for young people to be heard in Hackney and throughout London

Emily, 17

If we come together - bright, bold and beautiful


Trees, grass and more libraries

Sofia, 12

Hackney will be so different - the air will be fresh and clean, everyone will be welcomed and art and culture will flourish on every street - there will be street parties where everyone joins in and young people will celebrate all of the opportunities that exist in the world.

Matt, 49

Lots of pollution

Alyssa, 13

For things we could change, one thing would be to make the streets cleaner. And make more homeless shelters and we should like change knife crimes.

Jayden, 12

Electric cars, solar power, no inflation, no racism, no pollution


Hackney could look like a greener place, Hackney could sound like a calmer place. A place for animals, a place for trees, And together we could make it a rainforest.


Creative but confused! Competitive. Community moving out.


I think Hackney won't have a lot of the people who made it Hackney to begin with.

Climate change, but creative solutions?

Greener. More caring for the environment. More expensive. Let's have more markets!


Hackney could look like a greener place, Hackney could sound like a noisier place. And together we could make it a wonderful place!


We'll be flying, like fairies, over all of Hackney's buildings!

Robotic. AI. Electronic.

Electric cars and colourful high buildings

I hope Hackney will be a place for us all, where everyone can be themselves and where everyone's voice is heard, celebrated and cherished.